about us

About us


The Emirates Society of Internal Medicine (ESIM) is a member of Emirates Medical Association is non-profit organization, and works under the umbrella of Emirates medical association.

It’s goals to collaborate with all healthcare providers and has established a network for all the specialties of internal medicine throughout the UAE. ESIM is seeking a high educational standard and a high-quality educational event independently, and also in collaboration with the major international societies.


Our Mission

To keep our members up-to-date with the global changes and advancements in practice within the Medical Field.


Our Vision

To play a vital role in the continuous improvement in the quality of health care in the UAE, by being an integral part of the professional life of every physician.

Emirates Medical Association

In 1981, Emirates Medical Association (EMA) was established as a non-profit organization composed of health practitioners that are members of the EMA as defined by its bylaws. EMA is responsible for supervising and conducting scientific training, events and conferences as well as collaborating with health organizations. EMA launched its work through its competent supervisory, executive and specialist boards and committees. EMA is a scientific organization which has legal personality, and its Headquarter in Dubai, with one branch in Abu Dhabi.

EMA aims to improve professional performance, develop and encourage skills, and enrich scientific theory and practice in the different health-fields, by:

For More information click here: www.ema.ae


Dr. Jamila M. Ali Bin Adi


Consultant Physician Internal Medicine
Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health Authority,
Dubai, UAE

Dr. Omar Al Hammadi

Vice president

Internal medicine consultant, Al Rahba
Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Abdulla Alhawai

General Secretary

Internal Medicine, Rashid Hospital, Dubai
Health Authority, Dubai, UAE

Dr. Tahani Ahmed Aldaham

Scientific Committee Chairperson

Specialist Registrar
Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health Authority, UAE

Dr. Abdulla Sultan Almarzooqi

Media & Public Relations Committee Chairperson

Internal Medicine Specialist,
Rahba Hospital, Abu Dhabi UAE